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Recruitment During Summer in Poland

Summers can pose some challenges for employers when it comes to finding new employees. One of the main hurdles is the holiday season. Coordinating interviews and schedules with candidates, establishing seamless processes for customer collaboration, and managing offers can become more difficult during this time.

In Poland, there is even a public holiday in summer called Assumption Day, which falls in August. Additionally, school holidays start early. In 2023, they run from June 24th to September 1st. With Polish employees often entitled to 28 days of holiday leave, plus 13 paid public holidays, it’s common for them to take extended breaks during the summer. Although your applications may decrease, a lot of Poles will be open to talking about job offers during their holidays. They may check their social media more so using direct approaches on LinkedIn may work well.

Autumn is often considered a golden season for recruiting. It’s a period of flourishing opportunities when relaxed and rejuvenated candidates return from their vacations, brimming with energy and open to considering new job prospects. Many are ready for a change and eagerly accept new job offers.

Statistics reveal a notable drop in applicant activity during the summer, by more than two times, while the number of job vacancies in the market remains relatively steady. Here are the main reasons behind this phenomenon:

  1. Non-working candidates prioritise rest or personal matters during the summer, and they tend to shift their focus to job searching when fall approaches.
  2. Numerous working professionals wish to unwind and enjoy their planned vacations.
  3. During the summer, there is an increased percentage of rejected job offers, as candidates who are actively looking for work may change their minds while on vacation or receive counteroffers from their current employers.
  4. There is a common myth that most companies halt their recruitment processes entirely for the entire summer period. It’s widely believed that there’s no point in seeking job opportunities during this time.

Finding the right candidates can indeed be time-consuming and require significant effort. It is important to find a recruitment agency who can devote their time to your recruitment project. Here are some effective tips we have tested and implemented during our recruitment activities:

  1. We maintain an up-to-date database of candidates.
  2. We only give projects to consultants who are free to work on them during the summer period.
  3. We create targeted advertising campaigns to reach specialists who may not actively be seeking work at the moment.
  4. We engage in direct search and actively contact potential candidates.
  5. We are patient with candidates on holiday who value a work life balance. This creates a positive working relationship with them.

By applying these strategies, we aim to ensure successful recruitment outcomes for our clients, even during the summer months. We understand the unique dynamics of this time and are committed to finding the right talent for your organization.