Why choose Europe Solutions?

We have a track record in providing recruitment services to multi-nationals to small businesses. We listen to your needs and adapt our service to suit them.

What countries do you cover?

We offer recruitment solutions mainly in Poland and the UK. And had have placed candidates from Poland and the UK in the following countries - Ireland, Holland, Greece, France, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Russia, the Netherlands, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Finland and Thailand. Our recruitment centre is based in Poland and in the we have an office. We are experienced in cross-border recruitment and can place people all over the world.

What level and sector of recruitment do you specialise in?

We specialise in recruiting professional staff on fixed or long-term contracts. We also offer executive search and selection services through our senior recruiters.

What's different about Europe Solutions?

We offer a clear and transparent service and agree to an SLA in advance. In the SLA we consult with our clients and agree to achievable outcomes and this is what we deliver.If we believe the client has unachievable goals then we discuss this.  If the client has expectations that we think are not achievable we discuss these and, if necessary, mutually agree not to work together. We give regular updates so our clients understand what preparatory work we are doing. Our clients rate us high in honesty and transparency and delivering to agreed targets. We offer an accountable service for a market price. If this service is different to what you have received from recruitment companies, then we are different.

What service do you offer UK companies?

We are a niche recruitment company that offers a bridge for UK companies to recruit European workers; we offer a UK recruitment service for UK companies setting up in Poland and we offer a bridge for Polish companies into the UK market.

What services do you offer international clients?

We offer international recruitment services in Europe. 

What countries are attractive for EU candidates to work in?

High wage countries in the Euro zone e.g. Holland, Norway, Belgium, Scandinavian countries are the most attractive for skilled contractors and manual workers. Professional and graduate engineers are attracted to the UK's innovative engineering sector. London is attractive for people wanting to work in the technology and financial services sector. Due to Brexit and its message to prospective newcomers, UK companies needs to go the extra mile in order to attract the best candidates.

Our main goal is to reduce costs. Can you assist?

If your cost per hire is high due to some or all of the following factors: unsuitable candidates being interviewed, low retention, a low overall quality of work efficiency or no specialist internal recruiters employed - we are able to assist. If you believe there are professional workers who will work for salaries lower than local market rates, then you won't attract candidates. 

There's a skills shortage in our sector. Can you bring in these skills?

There are over 300 million people of working age in the EU. We can help you target them. 

Are there any sectors you don't operate in?

We don't operate in the Care Sector. We don't recruit for minimum wage positions or large volume RPO type contracts.

We like to use many agencies. Do you work on contingency contracts in competition with other agencies?

We don't believe this is an effective strategy to allow us to work and expend our resources to find the best talent for you. It is rare that we'd work on no-win no fee assignments. We believe many of the bad experiences clients have had with agencies is due to the nature of these contracts and the fact it means - speed, taking on a high number of vacancies and prioritising easy contract wins often come before quality and a professional service. We tried working on contingency contracts and we weren't satisfied with the service levels we could provide. Now that we are working on exclusive assignments our feedback has improved and placement rates are much higher which benefits both our business and our clients.

 I'd like to ask for Polish workers, women, or people under 45

These are all potentially discriminatory requests, we would advise you on this and refuse such a request. We recruit workers with the right to work in the UK and offer candidates to clients that have the right skills set regardless of their background. Please see our Diversity Statement - www.europesolutions.co.uk/faqs/diversity-statement

I'd like to send feedback, ask a question or make a complaint?

Please write to us at Europe Solutions UK Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, UK. In addition, if you are not satisfied with our complaints' process, you can contact the REC the industry body we are a member of.