Case Study 1

Project - Talent Attraction campaign - sales trainers and coaches

Client - Global Technology Company

Recruitment and Pre-screening

Our client required high-caliber trainers and coaches across the EMEA region. They also were in need of a payroll intermediary.


We work closely with the client and recommend candidates to them. Our client has chosen to appoint us as their first choice supplier.  The client gave us the following feedback ' We will continue to use Europe Solutions. The staff placed have impressed us.' We have partnered with this client since 2010 in 16 countries in the EMEA region.

Case Study 2

Project Recruitment of Project Engineers to cover the CEE Region

Client - Multi-national

Recruitment and Pre-screening

We received a brief from the client and began research and headhunting phases in 4 countries in the EU. Our own consultants recruited in the UK and Poland, and we used local recruiters in Hungary, Lithuania and Romania. We identified target companies and advertised on job boards in these countries. We submitted a report on our activities. Candidates were shortlisted after a 2 week screening process.


The client chose two engineers and contracts were offered.

Case Study 3

Project Recruitment of  Senior Manager of R&D Design Department, Wroclaw - 100 engineers, Poland

Client - Global Aerspace Organisation - they had been recruiting for the role 6 months.

Recruitment and Pre-screening

We received a brief from the client and attended their site. We began targetting individuals from target organisations.


We found a highly skilled manager with a PhD. The person underwent interviews with the local team and with managers in the US. He was chosen and accepted the position.

Case Study 4

Project Recruitment of Building Surveyors

Client - National UK Insurance Company

Recruitment and Pre-screening

We received a brief from the client and began an advertising campaign. Interview days were organised in Warsaw, Poland. Strict screening was done on the candidates and shortlists were drawn up. Six interviewers flew in from the UK and interviewed over two days.


Sixteen qualified engineers were employed in three recruitment rounds over thee years. The client's feedback was that the staff have made an immediate impact in terms of client satisfaction.